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Machine Learning Engineer

(with Previous Experience in Web and Mobile)

I previously attended the Georgia Institute of Technology studying Computer Science (specializing in Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence). After that, I attended the Make School @ Dominican University of California studying data science and machine learning.

I first got into software engineering at thirteen years old. I built and released my first custom mobile operating systems during middle school. I transitioned to app development in high school and web development in college. In the middle of college, I transitioned in data science/machine learning. Now, I'm working as a full time Machine Learning Engineer.

When I'm not programming, I'm probably working on something startup or marketing/branding related. In my free time, I like to make music, longboard, snowboard and surf. #IntermittentFasting #KetoLifestyle

Machine Learning

Currently, I'm a machine learning engineer consultant that specializes in personalization and recommendation systems. I've practiced machine learning at companies like PayPal, Yelp, Reddit, and Threadloom.

(Link to my works)

Web Development

Before I was a machine learning engineer, I ventured into fullstack web development, with a focus on progressive web apps. I brought my mobile app experience to the web in order to help raise the bar for mobile experiences online.

(Link to my works)

App Development

After my time in the mobile operating system development, I ventured into app development. I've privately and professionally developed numerous apps, some as complex as Facebook and Snapchat.

(My favorite project: Nexrave)(Link to my works)


I ported the MIUI custom ROM to the Motorola Triumph Android phone. It was used as the daily operating system for over five thousand Motorola Triumph phone owners. (Link)

Princely ROM

Before the Motorola Triumph was fully unlocked. I made and released a ROM to the public called: "Princely ROM." This ROM was based on the stock operating system that came with the Motorola Triumph. It included extra operating system features, speed improvements, battery life improvements, and several unique visual themes. Each variant of his Princely ROM received thousands of downloads. (Link)

SpeedDemon Kernel

To accompany my MIUI ROM port, I released an Android kernel for the Motorola Triumph. It was based on the stock operating system kernel that came with the phone, as well as multiple open source kernels. It, along with my MIUI ROM, was then ported by other developers to similar devices. (Link)


During senior year of high school I started and operated a cultural fashion brand called "ExoticFleek." During that year, I was able to gross $26,000 in revenue. In college, I continued working on ExoticFleek for a short time. Overall, I made nearly $40,000 from starting this online brand.


I was born in the US Virgin Islands. At 8 years old I moved to Orlando, Florida. Then moved back to the USVI at 11 years old. During my time in the USVI, I started a profitable electronic repair business and a yacht cleaning service in the local area. Feel free to check out my personal blog, "The Life of Shane," in the menu. I update it every summer, to track my yearly progress.

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