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The Summer of 2016

Now that high school is finally over, and summer is here, the impending choices of adulthood hits you. Decisions like college, future occupation, and moving out all start to shout at you louder than ever; at least the first one on that list is out of the way (me choosing to go GaTech instead of colleges like MIT and Stanford). I already know that I love making software, as well as creating/working at companies that aim to improve the lives of people. So what’s next?

Well for right now, I’m contemplating deferring my admissions to GaTech for several reasons–one being that, I simply want to take some time off to do what I love: programming and startups. I was accepted to Make School’s summer academy, where I’ll be improving my iOS app and game developing skills from June to August. This summer program is similar to a coding boot camp, with the exception of it being a lot harder, and that people do it for the purpose of fun and learning. I had the choice of choosing between the San Francisco, Sunnyvale, New York City, and Los Angeles locations. Though I would love to go San Fran or Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale), those locations are estimated to have practically twice as many students than the other two locations–too large for my taste. So my options were left between Los Angeles and New York City.

I’ve always been intrigued by LA. That’s the city with all the stars and famous people. Who wouldn’t want to meet one of their favorite actors or music artists? However, NYC is one of those cities that everyone is “supposed” to go to at least once. Uhh, indecisiveness was killing me! I then started looking for temporary living spaces online. That’s when it hit me… 

First off, I want to applaud all the people who choose to live in LA or NYC (and not to mention SF and SV). You all pour out more rent money than anyone else in America, just to live in your particular city–that’s dedication! I have never seen rent as high as the ones in NY and LA until that one moment! Two thousand dollars a month for a one bedroom?! Is there gold hidden in that one bedroom?! I come from the Virgin Islands, where rent around $1,000 is only for people who can afford it. Best believe, I was very much shocked when I saw average bedroom rates coming up to four thousand per month; when I lived Florida, rent wasn’t even that expensive. Nonetheless, I wanted to go to Make School’s Summer Academy. A chance to program under harder conditions, was a fun opportunity I did not want to miss.

In the end, I ended up finding a sweet five star hotel deal for only $1,600 per month in Los Angeles–everything included. So I guess I’m going LA this summer!

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