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Machine Learning Engineer

(with previous web and mobile experience)



Georgia Institute of Technology
Computer Science (Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence)

QuestBridge Scholar – High achieving minority students

Intel RISE Scholar – Retaining Inspirational Students in Technology and Engineering

Make School
Computer Science, Web Development, and Machine Learning

Machine Learning Engineer
August 2019—Present

  • Created ML models to match any user question to a forum subject
  • Created ML models to detect, rank, and classify experts on any forum subject
  • Worked with Scala and Java pipelines to create NLP-based recommender systems

Machine Learning Engineer Intern
May 2019—August 2019

  • Created my own datasets using SQL and Google Big Query
  • Did exploratory data analysis, statistical experimentation, and case studies
  • Worked with remote team of Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers
  • Worked on ML-based recommender systems on Ads Relevance team as my primary assignment
  • Worked on User-User Similarity utilizing both classical and deep machine learning models (AutoEncoders (Convolutional Neural Networks), Random Forest, K-Nearest Neighbors, etc.)
  • Helped various teams when not working on ML-related projects (e.g. helped release custom feeds for Android app using Kotlin)

Machine Learning Engineer
May 2018—May 2019

  • CNN and NLP research for recommender systems
  • Built SPA using React and Redux, while working on React Native app.

Machine Learning Intern
September 2018—January 2019

  • Mentored new grad hires on Android and Single Page Web apps.
  • Studied convolutional networks and multi-armed bandits used in serving ads.
  • Created a Hadoop/Map-Reducea system that turns review text into sentence-based snippets with Ads and Applied ML teams, +8% gain in pCTR.

Software Engineer (ML and Web) Intern
May 2018—August 2018

  • Built ML pipeline to detect duplicate records and transactions.
  • Data exploration and creating existing machine learning models to predict fraud.
  • Worked on an agile team of 6 full stack web software engineers to help prototype, build, and release a new production web feature for automatic balance withdrawals. Utilized React, Redux, Node, Express, and Typescript.

AnimeXP V2 ( - A ML system for recommending new anime

  • Created a system for recommending new anime via SVD, NNMF, AutoEncoders to create embeddings of text metadata, soft clustering for filtering, and MLP for final scoring.

ShooterScout - Machine Learning-powered gunshot detection system.

  • Made a frontend dashboard with charts and data visualization using React and Redux to be used by 911 authorities.
  • Built an Android app with Java to act as the gunshot audio listener that would send the response to the python/Flask backend.
  • Constructed the Machine learning model with TensorFlow and Karis to analyze audio for gunshots received on my python/Flask backend server on Heroku. - Platform for self-evaluation and tracking using online rubrics

  • Collaborated with a team of 4 software engineers as a frontend engineer to launch this platform.
  • Helped create the design, user system, creating and viewing assessments, and self-evaluation using rubrics.
  • Utilized PostgresSQL, Express.js, React.js, Redux.js, and Node.js in an agile, sprint-based manner to make this platform a single page application (SPA)

AnimeXP V1 - A progressive web app for viewing anime and manga online

  • Building this PWA using MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js.
  • Features of this website include user system, search capabilities, creating and viewing rubrics, and self-evaluation using rubrics.
  • Features of this website include news feed, user system, commenting system, search capabilities, anime/manga scraping, streaming anime, and reading manga.

AsIfSaid - A progressive web app for creating realistic quotes of anyone.

  • Building this PWA using MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js.
  • Uses web scraping to gather text data of the individual for Markov chain.
  • Uses multiple levels of statistical Markov chaining for creating realistic text of the individual.

United Parcel Service
Software Engineer Intern
May 2017—August 2017

  • Supervised machine learning research
  • Worked with Angular 2 to build single page applications (SPAs) websites.
  • Collaborated with a team of 8 engineers to work on existing UPS codebases in an agile, sprint-based manner.
  • Built an internal social media for UPS. I built the social media from scratch as two native applications (Android and iOS) and a cross platform application (Xamarin) that would be used by warehouse workers.
  • Built an Android app that uses the phone’s camera to calculate the three physical dimensions of real-life objects utilizing physics and mathematics.This mobile app removes the need for specialized machines that cost $10,000 per machine.

Nexrave - Event Discovery Platform for iOS and Android
Founder and CTO
September 2016—Present

  • Used Google’s Firebase service as the backend/server for iOS and Android apps
  • Used Javascript to crawl the internet for event postings and then add them to the server
  • Used Google’s Cloud Function service using Node.js in order to create automated calls to the iOS and Android app whenever an action happened on the server
  • Created the Android app from scratch which implemented social login capabilities, user profiles, user hierarchy system, user-generated event postings, event ticketing with unique tickets for each user, user-personalized news feeds algorithms, and group chatting capabilities.
  • *Screenshots*

Create-X: Georgia Tech's Startup Incubator and Accelerator
Marketing Intern
September 2016—December 2016

  • Marketed the program around campus
  • Helped organize Create-X related event

ExoticFleek: An Online Apparel Store
Founder and CEO
July 2015—September 2016

  • Brought on two volunteers and a cofounder to help with social media load
  • Made $26,000 in revenue selling cultural apparel to mainly women aged 18 to 30
  • Identified and handled relations with manufacturers overseas (Hong Kong, India, etc)
  • Managed Shopify website and social media accounts (Pinterest, Polyvore, Instagram, etc)

Shane's Electronic Repair Service
Founder and CEO
July 2015—September 2016

  • Handled delivery and customer relations
  • Fixed laptops, desktops, phones, and tablets
  • Made $5,000 in profit fixing electronics part time
  • Hired two classmates to expand service and lower repair time



  • Hackathons: HackGT, HackGSU (Winner of Best Halloween Software Hack), HackNC (Best Hack for Stopping Harassment), National Society of Black Engineers Hackathon, VandyHacks, HackDuke

  • Clubs: GT iOS Club (iOS app development club), GITMAD (Android app development club), GreyHat Club (Cyber security club)
  • Software: Atom, Android Studio, XCode, Visual Studio, Git/Github, and Unity
  • Certificates: Microsoft Technical Associate
  • Programming and Markup Languages: Javascript, Java, Python, Swift, C#, MySQL, SQL (Lite), and XML
  • Libraries/SDKs: Flask, Keras, Numpy, Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, React.js, Redux.js, Handlebars.js, Express.js, Node.js, Heroku, Firebase (Backend/Server) API, Map APIs, Color Recognition APIs, Image Recognition APIs, Voice Recognition APIs

Extra Projects

  • Attempted to create a mobile platform for teachers, parents, and student to see what assignments are currently assigned, and allows them to better plan. (EducationHub)
  • Created a map-based applications using MapQuest’s API and Esri’s API, that collects crowdsourced inputs to be used as data points on the map, updates an internal rating systems, and shows users the most efficient and quickest and routes to desired destination. (Winner of HackNC's HackHarassment Category: DisMap) (Winner of HackGSU's Halloween-related Software Hack: TrackRTreat)
  • Created an Android app that allows deaf people to see the words people are saying to them through their phone, while still looking at the person through the phone's camera; also added the feature that allows them to use the app with Google Cardboard to experience an immersive 3D experience. (SensesAid)
  • Helped create an Android app that empowered users to save, by allowing them to track to their carbon footprint in a gamified way. This app also had social login capabilities (Facebook), the ability to keep track of your friends' scores, a unique algorithm to calculate your daily and monthly carbon footprint in comparison to the average American, a direct link to donate to "Pro-Green" charities, an Esri map that listed the states with the most carbon footprint, and an embedded map that showed the carbon pollution of every zip code in the United States. (Winner of HackDuke's Facebook Category: DreamGreen)
  • Helped create augmented reality applications for Android using Unity, Vuforia, and the Google Cardboard SDK. This allowed animated characters to populate different surfaces when the Android device was directed at certain surfaces, and the Google Cardboard allowed for the camera feed from the device to become 3D. (Hack The Planet)
  • Developed a prototype Android ROMs for the HTC EVO V 4G (Link) (Link)
  • Ported a custom Android ROM called MIUI to the Motorola Triumph (Link)
  • Developed an Android kernel  based on the stock Kernel that came with the Motorola Triumph (Link)
  • Developed multiple Android ROMs built on the stock ROM that came with the Motorola Triumph (Link)

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